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Originally Posted by KatieKate1244 View Post
I was active in the mid-aughts and I feel like we were maybe like half frills? I remember themes and decorations (some balloons, flowers) but nothing too crazy. What I really remember was seeing the custom Vineyard Vines and Vera Bradley tote bags that some chapters got on Bid Day.

These days I feel like the decorations are a lot more elaborate but the Bid Day gifts have gotten smaller. This year my chapter did tanks, fanny packs (excuse me--"belt bags"), and a few little odds and ends like a pen, a few stickers, pin for their new fanny pack.
This is my experience as well. We were the transitional years of no frills (2004-2006ish) in which we'd only recently stopped having skits, and were moving away from exact matching outfits or the exact same pref dress.

As far as Bid Days, they are definitely more elaborate now. The NMs do not get as much in the way of gifts, but the day itself is more of an event than in the past.

Typicall Mid 2000s Bid Day: Run to your chapter. Get shirt. Go back to house. Have cake maybe. Take photos. Hang out a little. Take more pics. Go home. New Member gets bag of goodies to include a cup, a bag, a pillowcase, notepad, pens.

Bid Day Now: Elaborate theme. Ex: A chapter this year did The Greatest Show/Chapter. Decorations are all circus themed. Everyone wears super fun make up with their circus themed shirt. NM gets shirt. Comes back to house. There is a DJ. Popcorn machine. Food trucks with funnel cake. Kona shaved ice truck. Bounce house. Pictures. NMs get some small things like pens, keychain, etc. Focus is much more on it being an overall fun event v. just cake and hanging out and gifts.

It has pros and cons I'm sure.

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