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It appears nothing was learned from the first incident. And a chapter president, no less! I don’t believe in a monolith, however, this happening a couple of times times in a couple of years would make me uncomfortable if I was an active. What if the racist members used their bias’ during previous recruitments? Recruitment appears to be hard enough without a Black PNM (or a parent) wondering if they were cut from chapters because they weren’t the best fit or if it was because they are Black (or a woman of color in general). This could scare great ladies away from participation. Perhaps the programming will strengthen the community and truly support the diversity initiatives that my PHA Sistergreeks have been wanting to achieve. Then they can go into their formal recruitment in 2020 ready to check the bias’ (or the ladies who have those bias’) at the door.

And sadly, even if there are ladies who still have those trash beliefs, maybe it will teach them to keep it to themselves. I don’t know. Just some thoughts.
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