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I'd like to apologize again for talking about Greek Life as a non-member, but in general, I'm more of a social drinker, & I only drink when I'm in a college party setting because I always work when I'm back at home, plus I don't feel comfortable enough to drink around my family because they rarely drink. I also don't have a problem with alcohol at all, but since it costs extra money, I'd rather not drink while I'm back at home.

Furthermore, I prefer to drink at a party, club, or bar rather than drinking alone. I'd also sacrifice all types of alcohol for a paycheck once I graduate college because of what I said above: I'm strictly a college drinker until I graduate next year, unless if my lifestyle changes, which is unlikely IMO, but still a possibility.

However, I'm always looking for different viewpoints, on & offine, just to recieve some helpful feedback. My therapist actually told me that discussion forums help me understand people, due to my diagnosis. Even though I posted some personal experiences online in the past, I don't see a problem with asking for advice on & offline.

On an extra note, I'm completely over this whole situation, physically, but it still sounds like that I haven't completely healed from it mentally. Furthermore, I dislike any unwanted drama & BS, yet every college party/real life situation will contain some negative part of it. The most important part is how we deal with it.

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