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Questions about Greek Life (Social Life)

1. Do you enjoy throwing/hosting parties, despite the pros & cons?

- Are they open or Greek only?

- How much do you charge guys/randoms? Guy/Girl Ratio?

- If it's an open party, do you have to name/know a certain number of brothers/sisters in order to get in?

IMO, cleaning up afterwards & kicking people out is probably the hardest stuff to deal with, outside of maintaining the overall crowd level of the party, which can be difficult to manage if it gets out of control.

2. Stereotypically, do Greek life members have a higher alcohol tolerance than those who are independent?

Now, I obviously know that this is just a stereotype, but is it kind of true that some members may be more used to alcohol due to initiations & parties?

3. Why is Greek Life, in general, viewed as cliquish to some people?

Now, another common stereotype is that Greek organizations are cliquish & that they only hang out with members of fraternities/sororities. However, I personally believe that these organizations are great for college resumes and beyond.

Final Concern:

Serious: I was rejected by a fraternity for acting "weird" at an open party that they hosted. A few girls thought that I was acting "creepy", which affected my overall bid, but I have no reelection of doing anything wrong. I just had a good time without trying to hit on anyone. Even though I may have been a little drunk, I usually remember what happened the night before. Furthermore, my party history is clean, so far, which means that they overreacted or saw something that I didn't notice at the time. I partly blame my diagnosis of mild (high functioning) autism, but I eventually got over it & moved on.

However, when I posted my concern on Reddit, people called me an incel, creep, weirdo, player, etc. So, I asked a former Greek member at my college about my negative experience:

His answer: Greek Life isn't for everyone. Every Greek member reacts differently when it comes to questionable party situations. Drunk people react differently to certain situations as well. Now, I'm not saying that it's your fault, but I wouldn't worry about it anymore. It's also important to be smart, safe, & responsible at parties, especially when you start to feel tipsy.
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