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Originally Posted by honeychile View Post
Two of my great aunts went to Penn State, and one was a professor there. I have their photo albums, and it shows them at a house (and I forget the name at this moment). The research it did showed that it was a local which became Kappa Alpha Theta. So, there IS a history of sorority houses at PSU, albeit almost 100 years ago!
Yes. There is a stone monument in the middle of campus commemorating where the Theta house stood. The NPC chapters did have houses which they gave up in exchange for dorm floors that the university has provided over the years. The benefit to the NPC chapters was no cost, upkeep, insurance, management etc. The benefit to the university was that they got the very valuable land that they wanted.

Now, many years later, the chapters are wondering if they made the best decision.

PSU's Greek new adviser comes from IU where almost all of the fraternities and sororities have houses. He has managed a process where sororities have taken over the houses left empty by fraternities who get themselves in trouble. I suspect his arrival on PSUs campus and his approach to managing Greek housing is going to impact PSU's housing culture quite a bit.
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