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Ball State University
Muncie, IN
Campus Total=124 (Fall 2018)
Quota last year=34
Alpha Sigma Alpha Chi Chi 1936-?
Delta Sigma Epsilon Alpha Pi 1944-1956 National absorbed by Delta Zeta
Pi Kappa Sigma Alpha Chi 1945-1959 National absorbed by Sigma Kappa
Alpha Sigma Tau Alpha Alpha 1945-1972
Sigma Sigma Sigma Beta Gamma 1945-2004

Alpha Chi Omega Gamma Mu 1950
Alpha Omicron Pi Kappa Kappa 1952 (29)
Pi Beta Phi Indiana Zeta 1952
Chi Omega Phi Epsilon 1952
Delta Zeta Gamma Chi 1953
Sigma Kappa Gamma Eta 1954
Alpha Phi Delta Rho 1964 (29)
Delta Gamma Delta Xi 1970-1985
Kappa Alpha Theta Delta Sigma 1970-2010
Delta Delta Delta Beta Chi 1980-1997
Alpha Gamma Delta Beta Tau 1988
Phi Mu Rho Gamma 1989
Kappa Delta Zeta Kappa 1992

Baptist Young Ladies Institute
Indianapolis, IN
Pi Beta Phi 1870-1871

Butler University
Indianapolis, IN
Campus Total=
Quota last year=
Kappa Alpha Theta Gamma (New) 1874-1886/1906
Kappa Kappa Gamma Mu 1878
Pi Beta Phi Indiana Gamma 1897
Delta Delta Delta Delta Lambda 1914-1995/2005 (35?)
Zeta Tau Alpha Alpha Delta 1920-1956
Alpha Delta Theta Epsilon 1923-1933
Delta Zeta Alpha Nu 1924-1935
Alpha Delta Pi Alpha Phi 1925-1933

Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi 1925
Delta Gamma Alpha Tau 1925
Alpha Omicron Pi Beta Theta 1927-1940
Alpha Sigma Alpha Chi Chi 1928-1933
Sigma Sigma Sigma Alpha Eta 1928-1933
Pi Kappa Sigma Alpha Iota 1929-1937
Kappa Delta Alpha Omega 1931-1935

Alpha Phi Epsilon Beta 1967

DePauw University
Greencastle, IN
Campus Total=122 (Revised Spring 2015)
Quota last year=31
Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha 1870 (18)
Kappa Kappa Gamma Iota 1875 (20)
Alpha Chi Omega Alpha 1885 (19)
Alpha Phi Gamma 1887
Alpha Omicron Pi Theta 1907-1979/1983-2000
Alpha Gamma Delta Eta 1908-1995
Delta Delta Delta Delta Alpha 1908-1991
Delta Zeta Delta 1909-1985/1988-2007
Phi Omega Pi Rho 1924-1933
Kappa Delta Alpha Eta 1926-1933

Pi Beta Phi Indiana Epsilon 1942
Delta Gamma Gamma Iota 1949 (13)

Franklin College
Franklin, IN
Campus Total=69 (Fall 2018)
Quota last year=16
Delta Gamma Phi 1878-1883/Phi Alpha 1995-2008
Kappa Kappa Gamma Nu 1879-1884
Pi Beta Phi Indiana Alpha 1888
Delta Delta Delta Delta Zeta 1912 (17)
Delta Zeta Psi 1920-1990
Zeta Tau Alpha Beta Theta 1927

Hanover College
Hanover, IN
Campus Total=68
Quota last year=
Delta Gamma Delta (2) 1881-1881
Kappa Alpha Theta Nu 1882-1899/1959
Phi Mu Rho 1913
Alpha Delta Pi Phi 1913
Alpha Omicron Pi Phi Omicron 1950-1985
Chi Omega Upsilon Lambda 1987

Indiana State University
Terre Haute, IN
Campus Total=71 (Fall 2018)
Quota last year=19
Chi Omega Alpha Delta 1949 (21)
Alpha Sigma Alpha Beta Upsilon 1951 (20)
Sigma Kappa Gamma Gamma 1951 (21)
Gamma Phi Beta Beta Pi 1952 (21)
Alpha Omicron Pi Kappa Alpha 1953 (21)
Zeta Tau Alpha Gamma Chi 1953 (20)
Delta Gamma Gamma Omicron 1954 (20)
Alpha Phi Delta Pi 1964 (21)
Alpha Xi Delta Epsilon Delta 1966-1985
Delta Delta Delta Beta Delta 1968-1985

Alpha Chi Omega Epsilon Omicron 1970 (23)

Indiana University
Bloomington, IN
Campus Total Not Set
Quota Last Year=57
Registered PNMs=1,918
PNMs at Bid Matching=
PNMs Matched=
Kappa Alpha Theta Beta 1870
Kappa Kappa Gamma Delta 1873
Pi Beta Phi Indiana Beta 1893
Delta Gamma Theta 1898
Delta Zeta Epsilon 1909
Alpha Omicron Pi Beta Phi 1916-1996/1999 (56)
Delta Delta Delta Delta Omicron 1917-2017
Sigma Kappa Tau 1918-1994/2016 (58)
Theta Phi Alpha Zeta 1920-1959/2012 (52)
Phi Mu Delta Alpha 1920-?/1980
Phi Omega Pi Xi 1922-?
Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Mu 1922
Zeta Tau Alpha Alpha Xi 1922
Chi Omega Theta Beta 1922 (59)
Kappa Delta Sigma Upsilon 1923-1941/1955
Alpha Delta Pi Beta Alpha 1926-1952/1984 (62)
Sigma Delta Tau Upsilon 1940
Alpha Xi Delta Beta Pi 1946-1970/1987 (58)
Delta Phi Epsilon Delta Delta 1946-1952/2014 (32)
Alpha Gamma Delta Beta Delta 1947
Alpha Phi Beta Tau 1947
Gamma Phi Beta Beta Phi 1957
Alpha Epsilon Phi Epsilon Epsilon 1958 (58)
Sigma Sigma Sigma Epsilon Xi 1989-1994
Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi 1990?-1994/2013 (10)

Indiana University - Kokomo
Kokomo, IN
Phi Sigma Sigma Iota Epsilon 2003

Indiana University - South Bend
South Bend, IN
Campus Total=
Alpha Xi Delta Zeta Delta 1970-1977
Phi Sigma Sigma Theta Theta 1994-?
Alpha Sigma Tau Epsilon Lambda 2010
Theta Phi Alpha Gamma Phi 2011

Indiana University Southeast
New Albany, IN
Campus Total=50 (Fall 2018)
Quota Last Year=17
Sigma Kappa Zeta Alpha 1973 (15)
Alpha Phi Zeta Epsilon 1978
Phi Sigma Sigma Epsilon Chi 1990

Indiana University Purdue University - Fort Wayne
Fort Wayne, IN
Delta Gamma Delta Upsilon 1973-2005
Pi Beta Phi Indiana Eta 1974-2004

Alpha Sigma Alpha Iota Delta 2017

Indiana University Purdue University - Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN
Campus Total=88 (Fall 2018)
Quota Last Year=28
Phi Mu Rho Alpha 1989
Alpha Sigma Alpha Theta Zeta 2008
Zeta Tau Alpha Lambda Epsilon 2010
Sigma Kappa Kappa Psi 2011
Delta Zeta Pi Omicron 2014
Alpha Chi Omega Kappa Omega 2016

Indianapolis Teachers College
Indianapolis, IN
Delta Sigma Epsilon Alpha Gamma 1928-1935

Marian University
Indianapolis, IN
Theta Phi Alpha Delta Mu 2018

Moore's Hill College
Moore's Hill, IN
Kappa Alpha Theta Indiana Gamma (Old) 1871-1874

Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN
Campus Total=140 (Fall 2018)
Quota last year=41
Kappa Alpha Theta Alpha Chi 1915
Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Beta 1918
Kappa Kappa Gamma Gamma Delta 1919
Chi Omega Chi Beta 1919
Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Eta 1921-?/2001
Zeta Tau Alpha Alpha Theta 1921-1934/1947
Pi Beta Phi Indiana Delta 1921
Phi Mu Delta Epsilon 1929
Beta Phi Alpha Phi 1929-1934
Delta Gamma Beta Iota 1940
Alpha Delta Pi Gamma Epsilon 1947-1993
Alpha Epsilon Phi Alpha Upsilon 1948-1951/1968-1976

Sigma Delta Tau Alpha Epsilon 1948-1953/2000
Sigma Kappa Beta Sigma 1948 (47)
Alpha Omicron Pi Phi Upsilon 1963-2003/2012 (41)
Alpha Phi Alpha Mu 1963
Alpha Gamma Delta Beta Xi 1968
Gamma Phi Beta Delta Iota 1975 (42)
Delta Delta Delta Gamma Iota 1988
Delta Zeta Xi Omega 1988 (40?)
Kappa Delta Theta Nu 2015

Purdue University - Calumet
Calumet, IN

Theta Phi Alpha Alpha Iota 1970-?
Sigma Kappa Epsilon Psi 1972-1982

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
Terre Haute, IN
Campus Total=45
Quota last year=
Chi Omega Gamma Lambda 1996
Delta Delta Delta Gamma Pi 1996
Alpha Omicron Pi Delta Xi 2007

Smithson College
Logansport, IN

Kappa Kappa Gamma Gamma 1873-1875

Trine University
(Tri-State University)
Angola, IN
Campus Total=
Sigma Kappa Zeta Theta 1977-1982
Phi Sigma Sigma Zeta Upsilon 1992-?
Alpha Sigma Tau Epsilon Kappa 2008
Theta Phi Alpha Gamma Omega 2012

University of Evansville
Evansville, IN
Campus Total=73 (Fall 2018)
Quota last year=18
Alpha Omicron Pi Chi Lambda 1951 (17)
Chi Omega Chi Epsilon 1951
Phi Mu Delta Lambda 1952
Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Alpha 1964
Alpha Phi Epsilon Pi 1974-1983

University of Southern Indiana
Evansville, IN
Campus Total=87 (Fall 2018)
Quota last year=26
Sigma Kappa Epsilon Phi 1971-1983
Alpha Sigma Alpha Delta Kappa 1972
Sigma Sigma Sigma Delta Eta 1972-1986/2015
Delta Zeta Lambda Beta 1976
Alpha Gamma Delta Beta Rho 1985-1997
Gamma Phi Beta Zeta Kappa 1998
Alpha Sigma Tau Epsilon Omega 2013

Valparaiso University
Valparaiso, IN
Campus Total=78 (Spring 2016)
Quota Last Year=
Alpha Delta Pi Eta Psi 1998-2004
Gamma Phi Beta Zeta Iota 1998
Delta Delta Delta Gamma Upsilon 1998-2013
Kappa Delta Zeta Psi 1998
Kappa Kappa Gamma Eta Delta 1998
Pi Beta Phi Indiana Theta 1998
Chi Omega Alpha Lambda 1999
Alpha Sigma Tau Delta Xi 1999-2000
Alpha Gamma Delta Beta Phi 2019
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