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Arkansas State University
Jonesboro, AR
Campus Total=100
Quota last year=41+9=50
**Open: Alpha Sigma Alpha and Alpha Chi Omega presenting**
Alpha Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta 1948
Alpha Omicron Pi Sigma Omicron 1949 (48)
Phi Mu Epsilon Delta 1951-2007
Chi Omega Omicron Zeta 1961
Zeta Tau Alpha Zeta Omicron 1968-1991/2012
Kappa Delta Delta Kappa 1968-1986
Delta Zeta Omicron Epsilon 1991

Arkansas Tech University
Russellville, AR
Campus Total=76 (Fall 2018)
Quota last year=23
Delta Zeta Lambda Alpha 1977 (23)
Zeta Tau Alpha Theta Theta 1977 (27)
Phi Mu Epsilon Lambda 1977-2000/2007 (25)
Alpha Sigma Tau Beta Rho 1983-1986/2013 (22)

Henderson State University
Arkadelphia, AR
Campus Total=
Quota last year=
Alpha Sigma Alpha Beta Mu 1946
Alpha Sigma Tau Alpha Gamma 1946
Delta Sigma Epsilon Alpha Upsilon 1946-1956 Absorbed by Delta Zeta
Pi Kappa Sigma Alpha Sigma 1946-1952
Delta Zeta Epsilon Pi 1956-2003
Sigma Sigma Sigma Beta Eta 1946-1974

Alpha Xi Delta Gamma Omega 1961

Lyon College
Batesville, AR
Campus Total=
Quota Last Year=
Alpha Xi Delta Zeta Iota 1973
Phi Mu Epsilon Rho 1993

Searcy Female College
Searcy, AR
Sigma Sigma Sigma Eta 1905-1907

Southern Arkansas University
Magnolia, AR
Campus Total=
Quota Last Year=
Alpha Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alpha 1982
Sigma Sigma Sigma Epsilon Zeta 1986
Phi Mu Epsilon Omicron 1991

University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR
Campus Total=422 (Fall 2018)
Quota last year=Variable (102-163)
Registered PNMs=
Chi Omega Psi (Founding Chaper) 1895
Zeta Tau Alpha Epsilon 1903-1938/1947
Pi Beta Phi Arkansas Alpha 1909
Delta Delta Delta Delta Iota 1913
Phi Mu Alpha Beta 1923-1933/1978-1995/2012
Kappa Kappa Gamma Gamma Nu 1925
Delta Gamma Alpha Omega 1930-1992/2017 (133)
Alpha Delta Pi Delta Delta 1957 (124)
Alpha Chi Omega Delta Rho 1961-1977/2012
Kappa Alpha Theta Delta Nu 1966-1989
Kappa Delta Zeta Gamma 1989
Alpha Omicron Pi Xi Omicron 2007 (134)
Alpha Gamma Delta Colony Fall 2020

University of Arkansas - Fort Smith
Fort Smith, AR
Campus Total=49 (Fall 2018)
Quota Last Year=18
Gamma Phi Beta Zeta Phi 2007
Delta Gamma Eta Omicron 2007
Alpha Omicron Pi Upsilon Beta 2013 (18)

University of Arkansas - Little Rock
Little Rock, AR
Campus Total=40
Delta Delta Delta Phi Chi 1963-2005
Kappa Kappa Gamma Epsilon Theta 1963-1981

Pi Beta Phi Arkansas Beta 1963-2008
Chi Omega Gamma Zeta 1964
Kappa Delta Eta Sigma 2010

University of Arkansas - Monticello
Monticello, AR
Campus Total=31 (Fall 2018)
Quota Last Year=8
Alpha Sigma Alpha Gamma Zeta 1961 (14)
Alpha Sigma Tau Alpha Mu 1962-2014
Sigma Kappa Zeta Beta 1974-1978
Sigma Sigma Sigma Epsilon Beta 1984

University of Central Arkansas
(Arkansas State Teachers College)
Conway, AR
Campus total=137 (Fall 2018)
Quota Last Year=43
Alpha Sigma Tau Upsilon 1935
Sigma Sigma Sigma Alpha Omicron 1935-2006/2008
Alpha Sigma Alpha Beta Lambda 1944
Delta Sigma Epsilon Alpha Xi 1944-1956 Absorbed by Delta Zeta
Pi Kappa Sigma Alpha Phi 1944-1959 National absorbed by Sigma Kappa

Delta Zeta Epsilon Xi 1956
Sigma Kappa Delta Tau 1959
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