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AST Convention - petition to change the location

Alpha Sigma Tau's 2020 Convention is set to be held in Atlanta, Georgia. In light of recent anti-abortion legislation being passed, a petition started circulating on social media yesterday to move Convention to another location, stating in part: "As an organization that proclaims to empower women, having our National Convention in a state that has passed this bill would be hypocritical and cowardly... How can we, in good conscience, promote a state which is set on the dismantling of women's rights?"

I don't really want to get into a debate about abortion here, nor do I want to think about the logistical nightmare it would be to move an event such as this to a new location a year prior. What I want to start is more of a general discussion and hear everyone's opinions regarding the following:

1) Has your organization dealt with something like this before?
2) What do you believe is the solution here?
3) What repercussions do you foresee for an organization if Convention is moved due to political leanings and social issues? Not moved?
4) What do you believe the messaging from the organization should say if moved/not moved?
5) Anything else to add?
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