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At Pitt, 9 of the 10 chapters have modern, nicely decorated suites in a 10 story historic dorm building. (One chapter may be housed in another dorm across the quad.) Kappa has a chapter house that is located about 8-9 blocks away that used to be near 4-5 of the fraternity houses back in the day. Most of them have since relocated to a fraternity complex know as the Hill houses. Kappa used to share the duplex house with Theta, who used to be a strong house, but somehow lost their charter twice since I was an active back in the 70's. Kappa now occupies the entire house. Having the house was neither an advantage or disadvantage back then. It was a newer, nicer facility, but further from classes in the Pittsburgh winter and I think the members had slightly higher dues. They also had a house mother, and the rest of the chapters did not. I would not think that one chapter having a house would affect the rest of the chapters much, unless their housing capacity is significantly larger or more desirable due to location.
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