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Originally Posted by ClemsonMom View Post
last year a guy came on greekchat (I think it was greekchat) and ranked the sororities at my daughter's school. I am not even sure if he was greek. During rush my daughter overheard another rushee in class describe a sorority as bottom tier using the SAME phrase that the guy had used. Her comments and her opinion were clearly just spreading the opinioin of that one guy and making that her opinion too. That is gossip, vicious, untrue, and hurt the reputation of the sorority. Well, during rush the young ladies of this disparaged sorority were so nice to my daughter. My daughter accepted their bid. She is so happy that she followed her heart. She was just initiated last week and proudly showed off her new pin to me.
More than likely it was, not GC or Juicy Campus (which I don't think is active any longer)
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