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Originally Posted by Avon View Post
How would you feel if one of your sisters missed most of her fall recruitment preparation meetings two years in a row, but she thought she had really good reasons for missing a second year (possibly not being able to find a a good job in town or a town reasonably close and has a better chance at a summer job she worked at last year out of state) and showed interest in/commitment to the sorority all the other times of the year - including wanting to pick up a position in the coming fall semester?
It depends. Every chapter has different guidelines about attendance and what constitutes an acceptable exacuse for missing something. For example: In my chapter, what you just posted would not be considered an approved excuse.

Chapter members expect sisters to be at events unless excused, so understand that when you miss things and you aren't excused (or you don't let someone know your situation ahead of time), there are often consequences. Other members have things going on to, and they still have to be there.

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