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There's a bad one?

This is from Dash Goff, Suzanne Sugarbaker's exhusband and ends with the above picture: "Yesterday, in my mind's eye, I saw four women standing on a verandah in white gauzy dresses and straw colored hats. They were having a conversation, and it was hot - their hankies tucked in cleavages where eternal trickles of perspiration run from the female breast bone to exotic vacation spots that Southern men often dream about. They were sweet smelling, coy, cunning, voluptuous, voracious, delicious, pernicious, vexing and sexing - these earth sister rebel mothers, these arousers and carousers. And I was filled with a longing to join them. But like a whim of Scarlett's, they turned suddenly and went inside, shutting me out with the bolt of a latch. And I was left only to pick up an abandoned handkerchief and savor the perfumed shadows of these women. These Southern women. This Suzanne, this Julia, this Mary-Jo and Charlene. Thanks for the comfort." -Dash Goff, the Writer

I also love the one when Bernice gives the Designing Women a "wildness experience weekend" and Anthony shows up:
Anthony gets caught helping the ladies and pretends to be a woman camper.
CONNIE: What's this camper's name?
ANTHONY: (in a high-pitched voice) Cindy.
CONNIE: Cindy what?
ANTHONY: Cindy Birdsong.
CONNIE: Birdsong - I don't remember that name. (to other leader) Check your list.
ANTHONY: I was late. I got on the bus at the last minute.
CONNIE: Who let you on?
ANTHONY: I don't know. Some white girl.
CONNIE: Where's your application?
ANTHONY: I turned it in.
CONNIE: To who?
ANTHONY: Some white girl.

Unfortunately, the show put new meaning into "jumped the shark" when they got rid of Suzanne and Charlene, and brought in Alison and Carlene - although I did like BJ Poteet.

Oh, Mystic Cat - I like when the snob asks Julia on which side the crazy people are in her family, and she responds, "Both sides!" I love the Terminator!!
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