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Person A:
I love you and I'm worried about you and I hope you get well and he gets well. I feel horrible for you and I wouldn't wish this on anyone. But it doesn't negate that you did some seriously shitty stuff this past couple months.

Person B:
Thank you for saying what no one else had the balls to say and making me feel OK for having it in my head.

Person C (hey, this actually could apply to 2 people):
You are a crappy boss and everyone knows it.

Person D:
I wish I could tell you everything I've been thinking the past several months just to get it out of my system and know how you feel one way or the other. But if I lost your friendship because you thought I was a conniver or a manipulator or a hobag I think I would die...just the thought of that brings literal tears to my eyes. You've had so much crap this year, I don't want to add to it. All I want is you to be happy.
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