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Okay, here we go with another rush experience(this is soooo long!!! I am sorry!!)

I went to Elon University(with maggieaxid) and when I moved into my dorm, I lived in a 8 person suite. And one of the my suitemates dad's secretaries daughter was the president of one of the sororities(Sigma Sigma Sigma on our campus. So, for all first semester(we don't rush till sping), I hung out with these girls, and some of the Sigma's. And they were really nice, really cool, and I DEFINATELY thought I wanted to be a Sigma.
So then rush rolls around and I go to first round. At Elon(when I went through), we had

Alpha Omicron Pi
Alpha Xi Delta
Zeta Tau Alpha
Alpha Sigma Alpha
Sigma Sigma Sigma
Phi Mu

After the first round, I REALLY like Sigma and Phi Mu. I felt like I had really connected with all the girls at Phi Mu and I also already knew some Sigma's, so I thought life was pretty good. I got invited back to every house after first round and I had to drop two, so I dropped AZD and Alpha Sigma Alpha(sidebar--my RA was an AZD and she was really not that nice, hence the reason I dropped AZD. What I came to find out was most of the AZD's were AWESOME and I should have never judged a whole organization by one person--just a little note)
I went back to Phi Mu, Sigma, ZTA, and AOTT. Again, I REALLY loved Phi Mu. But somewhere I began to realize is all the AOTT's already knew my name, always remembered me, went out of their way to have me meet people, etc, etc. But I thought I was going to be a Phi Mu, so who cared.
After second round(going into pref), I was cut by Sigma and Phi Mu. I was DEVASTATED. I cried. A lot. And I wondered what I should do. But my Rho Chi told me that I should go to the 2 pref parties and really think things over. So, on pref night, I went to ZTA pref and AOTT pref.
I first went to ZTA. It was so beautiful--candles everywhere, these little tables, this big pond to drop a flower petal in, to make your wish. I was so impressed. They sang some really pretty songs and it was such a pretty night.
Next, I went to AOTT. First off, I remember thinking it was fate because the ONLY AOTT I had known before rush was the one who walked me in and preffed me(I later came to find out they pick before, but I was still amazed!!). It was the same kind of set up--candles, tables, roses, and lots of girls. But this one seemed different. While ZTA had been beautiful, for me, this one seemed that they were really speaking from the heart to me. Then, they had one senior and one sophomore speak of their times in AOTT. The senior that spoke told us how her father had died the previous year and all things her sisters had done for her. The sophomore told us about feeling so alone on campus and finding such a great place to call home. I had tears in my eyes as I walked out of AOTT.
When I got to bid signing--I did hesitate. I knew a lot of my friends had LOVED ZTA and would probaley end up there. But I knew that I would be more at home at AOTT. I sat and sat, did a pro and con sheet, called my mom, called my exboyfriend at UF(his comment--"we are having a mixer with ZTA this weekend and they are HOT!!--thanks honey). And finally, wrote AOTT and then ZTA.
I walked out of there, went home, and waited. We had bid circle the next morning, so you were supposed to try and get some sleep. I tossed and turned for hours, called my mom and told her I didn't care of I didn't get a bid and if no one liked me that was okay, cried some more, and finally, morning and bid circle came.
We had to sit on our bids for about 20 minutes, while the Rho Chi's revealed themselves and then when I opened my bid, the CARDINAL red writing proclaimed--
"The sisters of Alpha Omicron Pi extend you a bid to be our sister"
We jumped up, screamed, and went running out into the courtyard to be with our new sisters. And I truly did feel at home the minute I met all of my new sisters. I guess, for me, the AOTT motto really did ring true "Its not about what you'll become, its what you have always been"
But a final note--when I graduated from Elon, my VERY BEST FRIENDS included Alpha Xi Delta's and Sigma Kappa's(they came on the year after I rushed) and while these girls did not wear my letters, they were and are a huge part of who I am today. The sisterhood of sororities extends far beyond just your own letters. JUST GO GREEK!
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