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My Rho Chi had us keep a journal (I rushed Fall 99). Itís a great idea because I love to look back on what happened. When I went through, there were only 7 sororities participating in recruitment. DG would be doing their informal recruitment a month later, Theta came on campus a year later, and we are still waiting for Kappa to join. The sororities in involved in recruitment were: Zeta, Pi Phi, Chi O, AZD, KD, ADPi, and Tri-Delta. So, here it is, pretty much word for word from my recruitment journal:
Day One:
Pi Phi: The girls seem really sweet and enthusiastic. But, I donít know how well Iíd fit in here. I would definitely love to come back, though.
Zeta: The second house I went to. I love it here! I know a bunch of girls in here who I went to high school with. I heard that theyíre the most selective on campus so Iím kinda worried. I absolutely loved it here though. I had a great conversation with every girl I met!
AZD: Iím not really feeling it here. I talked to the same girl the whole time and she was really quiet. I didnít get to meet any of the other sisters.
Chi O: These girls are very sweet. I felt very comfortable here. These girls seem like they have a strong sisterhood. The girl who rushed me went to my high school so we basically talked about some high school memories.
ADPi: I really like this house! The girls are so enthusiastic. I really clicked with every girl I met. I definitely enjoyed my time here.
Tri-Delta: I donít know if I should drop Tri-Delta or not. I saw XYZ. (sidenote: not listing namesÖ.she was a girl that took away my boyfriend back when I was a junior in HS) I literally got sick to my stomach when I saw her and it ruined my time there. I was totally consumed by remembering all the horrible things she said about me. The girl I talked to was very friendly but I guarantee I will be dropped because XYZ and me really arenít on good terms.
KD: I got rushed a Big/Little team. Both girls were awesome. I had a lot to talk about with them. They did house tours unlike all the other houses. There house is absolutely amazing.
Iíll be back with more on Day 2!!!!
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