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Originally posted by MSKKG
The tune is to "They Didn't Believe Me." Here are the words:

And when we tell you how wonderful you are,
You'll never believe it, you'll never believe it,
That girls so fine could ever be
United in fraternity
And they all wear the little golden key.
And when you wear one, and you're certainly going to wear one,
The proudest girl in this wide world you'll be,
You'll never believe it,
You'll never believe it's true,
That from this great wide world we've chosen you.
Exactly. When Mr. ISUKappa and I were on our honeymoon we stopped in a mall in Seattle. I was in the Crane's store (admiring all the gorgeous stationery I can't afford yet) and they had They Didn't Believe Me (which is an old jazz song) playing over the sound system. I started humming along thinking to myself, I know this song, how do I know it??? Finally, about two hours later, it hit me--it was a Kappa song!

We sing "If you ask us" and then segue into "And When We Tell You" Ahh... memories.

If you ask us why we love you
We will ask you if you know
How the melodies of music
Seem to blend together so
There is something in the music
In the life of KKG
That tunes us all together
In just one key

(I'm doing that from memory, so I'm not sure if the words are exactly right)
It's gonna be a hootenanny.
Or maybe a jamboree.
Or possibly even a shindig or lollapalooza.
Perhaps it'll be a hootshinpaloozaree. I don't know.
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