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Iím not sure there is enough information in this article to make any kind of informed opinion. It doesnít specifically state that she was released from recruitment nor does it say that she dropped out. All it says is that she didnít get a bid which we all know can be caused by one of the two things mentioned above.

Situations like these are never easy and your heart breaks for all involved.

I could not tell if she was a Freshman or an upperclassman. It alludes to the idea that she was on some kind of alternative plan. Depending upon this plan or what she did in high school, it could have been that she did not even have a GPA. I can not speak with authority here, but I would imagine that could create some problems in the membership selection process.

Overall, it is very sad and I feel for the University, the girl, her family and all of the Greek Life Community at George Mason.
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