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Originally Posted by navane View Post
Good advice has been given above.

Just as a programming note - you appear to be the same poster from before ("boyyy"), who is now registered under a new name. Don't forget that we already gave you some good advice previously. We also cautioned you a bit about trying to focus too hard on mixing with who you feel are the "higher tier" sororities and calling them "entitled".

See here:

I like your current thread (this one) better. Just keep in mind to not over-do it with the sororities so as to not come off as desperate. You already told us that your fraternity had been kicked off last year and the chapter is now back. You have a little bit of a hill to climb to repair the broken reputation. Trying to associate with who you feel are the "better" sororities in order to up your reputation is disingenuous. Be the better men and everything else will start to come around. Slow and steady wins the race - over time, be friendly, polite and act like gentlemen. People want to be around other people who are having fun. So, if you fellas have a nice BBQ cook-out or something, don't act like total drunk dorks or something. Be stand-up guys to each other in the fraternity and to your classmates. Doing well in the all-Greek competitions, scholarship, charity events, etc. will also go a long way. I liked someone's previous suggestion to participate in the sororities' philanthropy events. That will give you an opportunity to get the know the women without being awkward about it.

We want to see you all grow and succeed. Good luck.
The post that you referred to doesn't seem to be working. All of the advice has been great and i'm taking little parts from each especially PhiTau to reach out to national chapter. The hard part is it's like almost starting from scratch so technically we are in competition with other fraternities for the sorority's time whether it's some superficial ranking of "tiers" or not.
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