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Originally Posted by 33girl View Post
Wait, what? I thought the initial 21 party day was in November, like right after Thanksgiving. When does the semester end?
The semester ends around the third week of December- however IU has this thing called "dead week" which is the last week of classes- the last week of the semester is finals week (the third week of Dec.). So recruitment this year was the first weekend in December, however it was the Saturday and Sunday before dead week.

Many professors will have projects and papers due during dead week instead of giving finals. So the complaint from the student newspaper was that with recruitment the weekend before dead week, the women couldn't finish their projects and papers, and therefore PHC was hypocritical to put so much emphasis on grades and then take up the weekend before dead week with recruitment.

Not like everyone didn't know when recruitment was scheduled months in advance. I know for my girls, those that had papers and projects due had them finished BEFORE 21 party. So basically, this change was a pander to the bad press from the newspaper.

They did give PHC a choice, either all deferred or 21 party during fall break in October. PHC voted on all deferred.
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