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Originally Posted by Jen View Post
I actually liked how it worked in the past. When I went through, I was told all of my invites and had to choose between them if there was more than there were parties - so I got the experience of having to cut a group or two. I also could hear and see straight up that a group I liked didn't invite me back. There was some transparency there that appealed to me.

Now that happens automatically because of the rankings done after parties, so even if they DO have to cut, they never participate in it in the moment because it's already been done. I definitely see the benefit to having it done so automatically now (a definite time saver), but I think the explanations need to be improved so PNMs aren't getting an skewed sense of where the "power" lies when it comes to choosing. It's only mutual when you have more invites than you can accept.

I really like the idea of seeing the invites and then choosing. Two questions though:

1. How does it work? The chapters on my campus are matched with a specific PNM who comes to a party. Basically Patty PNM is matched with Sorority Sue at XYZ during party one. Would the PNM see her invites, choose and come back later for her schedule or what?

2. Does tent talk play more in these situations? I'm imagining all the PNMs sitting in a dorm room chatting. On the other hand, having more time to think on the interactions at each chapter aka sleeping on it might help.

I remember going through recruitment a second time and someone in my group asked how our invites were chosen. They were amazed that members would vote/rank/judge the pnms. I don't know how she thought it was before, but she was amazed that her invites depended on what the members thought of her.

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