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Wedding #1- I was in this wedding. It was supposed to start at 4pm. We were all there by like 1 to get ready and get pictures done. We still started 30minutes late. They had their friend, who had just become "internet" ordained, perform the ceremony. The ceremony wasn't bad actually, it was afterwords. The pictures took like an hour, just for the bridal party. So we then go to be "hostesses" for the guests who are mingling and drinking soda (no alcohol because the groom didn't turn 21 for another 6 weeks, she was 24). They finally show up about 45 minutes later. They didn't have a DJ, to save on money, but decided to burn CD's with their favorite music. Problem with that is that all their favorite music was music you COULDN'T DANCE TOO! The only dancing anyone did was them, for their first dance, which was choreographed. Guests started booking right after the cake. As a bridesmaid, me and my friend, who were going to be crashing at their apartment that night, had to figure out when we could make a "graceful" exit. We were both exhausted, bored and uncomfortable (neither one of our dresses really fit us well by the time the wedding rolled around).
Then the next day we got bitched out by the bride. See during their pictures we (the bridesmaids, maid and matron of honor) had gone to the bridal suite and put flower petels on the pillows and on the comforter and around the room. We put on some soothing, romantic music, we dolled the room up. Well, it turned out that the petals, bleed into the white comforter. So instead of being grateful for what we did she yelled at us and chewed us out for like 10 minutes and it was only me and my friend Tania, who got the crap. We were beyond pissed that she was treating us this way. Neither one of us talked to her for quite some time, not until she apologized for her behavior. The stupid thing was, all she did was call the front desk and tell the manager "my bridal party tried to do something nice for us and the comforter got ruined". Did she get charged? NO!!! But then she still screamed at us. Talk about gratitude

Wedding #2- this was a sisters wedding. The ceremony was fine but afterwords was just bad. Her pictures took an hour and a half to get done. They didn't have anything set up for the guests, the DJ wasn't playing, drinks weren't available and appetizers weren't even being served. When it was finally time for dinner, it was a buffet line and the DJ went table by table. My table was the LAST to get to the buffet line and when we got there most of the food was gone and it was COLD. We go back to the table to eat and the other half of the room, which got their food like 30-45 minutes before us was done and they were bored, this included the bridal party! We literally got like 10 minutes to eat before the "festivities" started. The rest of the reception wasn't really that bad, the dinner was just horrible. Made me realize that I would never do a buffet.
I also got annoyed with my sister, her wedding was on my birthday. She knew it was my birthday. She saw me many times during the reception and she not once wished me a happy birthday. I undstand that it was her special day, but in some respects your birthday is your special day, all I wish was that she had ACKNOWLEDGED it. I wasn't wanting her to stop everything and have her friends and family sing happy birthday to me. But to have her say "thank you so much for coming to my wedding. happy birthday" would have been nice.
I got a card, but because I'm not married, I haven't heard from her in 2 years.
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