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Finally, PDU replacement maintenance window is scheduled for 8:00PM tonight EST. So only around an hour away from that.

Originally Posted by QueenD View Post
6 weeks and the PDU isnít replaced is 100% unacceptable. This is not routine maintenance, itís emergency maintenance.
I agree. The way that they handled this, taking so long after verifying that the PDU was "showing signs of failure" on Feb. 23rd is very disappointing.

Originally Posted by QueenD View Post
The fact that they are treating this in such a lax manner would have me doing everything I can to find another data center.
Definitely a reason to consider moving away from them. Before all this happened I was actually considering other options but for different reasons.

With the current datacenter they have a lot of pros. The price is right, full peering with Atlantia TIE network, all traffic goes through an Internap FCP. If my server had two power supplies they would be able to provide two independent power feeds (so the server would still stay online if one of the power feeds (or even PDUs) went down).

Also, in 4.5 years (until now), no other unplanned power disruptions or even network disruptions. They may have had one or two planned maintenance windows that took us offline for a few minutes in all that time.

Besides all that, I'm also unsure yet if any of the power issues are due to hardware problems on GC's server. IPMI continues to report that the PSU is OK, but I'm not sure how certain that assessment is. If there are no power disruptions by tomorrow after the PDU replacement tonight then I think at that point it will be very likely to have been all due to the failing datacenter PDU.

Once I can rule out potential server hardware causes I'll be contacting the datacenter company CEO to see what he thinks about how it was handled. One of the reasons I also moved colo hosting to them back in 2013 was because they had a very solid reputation. Even if my server has other issues it still really surprises me that it took 6 weeks to get this sorted out.

Anyhow, hopefully no more power disruptions after tonight.
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