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Originally Posted by rileykae View Post
So in order to even be considered for Greek life at my school, BSP has to be something called Title IX Exempt (it's a ton of legal wording that comes down to not paying certain taxes.)

I have emailed international the question about its tax status (well, forwarded an email from our student activities director) and I'm waiting to hear back from them.

Worse comes to worse, if we aren't allowed to join our school's phc or mgc, I will register the group as a special interest or professional one and will continue from there.
Beta Sigma Phi isn't Tax Exempt. if you scroll to the bottom of the page explains a bit.

Some information that might help you:

I've run into some chapters and Beta Sigma Phi City Councils that were able to obtain 501c7 status (which most sororities are) and is more than sufficient to prove Title IX eligibility if needed. What is needed to obtain this classification and the timeline it can take, I have no real idea.

I'll do some research on this for you and let you (and the rest of GC) know what I find out.
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