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Originally Posted by KSUViolet06 View Post
Yes. That one. Red flags I got from the start:

1. The campus supposedly had 15 NPCs and like 4 locals who all participate in recruitment. Right.

2. There are margaritas at recruitment. Sure.

3. Round 1 supposedly took like 4 days. Weird.
I must have missed that one.

It's not unusual to have locals participate in NPC FR. My local did so for one year. We just had to agree to the same rules NPC chapter members had to obey, e.g. no contact outside parties. By the following year, we'd affiliated with AEPhi.

Round 1 taking 4 days is not something I've ever heard of. As I recall, even at campuses where most NPC GLOs are represented (I'm thinking IU), first round is spread out over maybe 3 days?

As for the margaritas, unless they're virgin margaritas, HUGE infraction. And a virgin margarita would be what - limeade and margarita mix? I'd rather have just limeade, or water.
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