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Red face

I got the shit scared out of me last night!!!

I was dreaming about moving into a house or dorms at school. Some how I got the impression that the area/room I was moving into was haunted. I was moving my things in when it got really dark in the room. This is where its gets weird, I remember having a sense of fear in my dream, but I must have started to wake up or someting cause the next thing I know I am in my bed with the biggest sense of fear/nerves/OH SHIT I have ever had!! I didnt open my eyes, didnt do anything!! I know I could move, but something inside me was telling not to do a damn thing!! After laying there for a few seconds I got a sense of some kind of light passing over me(just a little change of shade I could see with my eyes closed, try looking into a corner with your eyes closed and then turning your head across a window/light and back into another corner, thats what it was like). So I still didnt do a damn thing for a few seconds then I rolled over and buried my head in a pillow and fell back to sleep a few minutes later.

That was one of the craziest feelings I have ever had in my life!! Something similar happend maybe 6 months ago, but I was living in a different house and actually had my room in the dream and woke up screaming.

Im not sure WTF to think about that "light". Im kinda telling myself it was totally in my head, but i dunnnooooo.....
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