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Is it the members of the sorority who really want to be as unselective as you say, or are you under HQ pressure to meet quota and total?

You don't mention COB or open bidding. You need to look outside the box at upperclassmen and women who didn't like formal rush - women who don't just want to be in A sorority, they want to be in YOUR sorority. Women who have a year or two of college under their belt typically will have more confidence and be more able to laugh at people who stereotype them, as opposed to first semester freshmen who are desperate to fit in and terrified of making social mistakes.

As far as rush it sounds as though your sisters have had the fear of God put into them about "taboo" topics and so are sounding stilted. They need to know that if a PNM mentions going to the RNC they don't have to think "politics! Oh holy crap no! BAD SUBJECT MUST NOT DISCUSS!!" and veer awkwardly to a discussion of colors or mascots. Practice spinning topics like that - when brought up by the PNM - into more neutral territory without making the PNM feel awkward.
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