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Originally Posted by 33girl View Post
Did ALL the current members have to go early alum? Because if not, it's a reorganization, not a recolonization.

Also, if I recall, the AEPhi thing at Michigan was actually the pledge class of the closed Theta chapter joining en masse (they hadn't been initiated, obviously) & their nationals weren't involved at all.
I'm pretty sure it was a reorg, not a recolonization. From my understanding, that led to some problems within the chapter. A lot of the women who had originally pledged Theta did then pledge AEPhi, but they were very different than the older/initiated members of AEPhi (if they had been good fits for AEPhi, why didn't they join during fornal recruitment?). It seemed to me that AEPhi HQ actually WAS involved, as there was a lot of marketing done trying to make it seem like they were reinventing themselves. AEPhi was a very strong recruiting chapter before they closed and my impression was that that "reorg" was a recognition that they came back too soon. But I'm kind of cynical.
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