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Originally Posted by Tom Earp View Post
Reported that after a trial day members were laughing and joking!

I read the same thing and felt awful for the the parents. However, to play devil's advocate, this was Mr. Piazza's impression that he shared with the media which has now been widely reported.

Keeping it in perspective that the accused and their parents were greeting each other and hugging, etc. it may have appeared that they were "acting like they were at a fraternity party." when in reality they were saying hello and commiserating about the shared hell that they must be living in.

Have you ever gone to a funeral and seen old friends then started catching up and smiling/laughing? Acting that way has nothing to do with the funeral proceedings. It is just natural to relax when you see someone that you are close to and/or haven't seen in awhile, even under adverse conditions.

I think the accused made poor choices the night of Feb 2. But I believe that now some of what is being said/shared with the media is being done to create public sympathy in light of future litigation.
There is a huge difference in Celebrating a Members Life in Dead than going to Court on charges!

So, tell me they did wrong and let him die? Were they just that Friggen Stupid?

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