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Originally Posted by cuteASAbug View Post
I think that my original thread on how to deal with rejection was pretty good.
If carnation and PenguinTrax haven't opened it again, it might not be opened again. Sorry, but deal with it. People have had threads that they thought were good and they've been closed.

Let's move on:

If your released from Recruitment:

1. Re-evaluate yourself. Why do you want to be Greek. Is it because you want the prestige of being in a certain sorority? Or do you genuinely want the sisterhood that ANY sorority can provide?

2. Look into COB/COR. At "competitive" schools it might be your only option to be in a sorority. At a less "competitive" school, it will help you get a better understanding of the groups.

3. Realize that you might think you'd fit perfectly in one group, but that might not be the case. Don't dismiss any sorority just because you didn't mesh well with 1 member.
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