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Originally Posted by ealymc View Post
Please forgive me if already covered, but there has been little talk regarding denouncing your letters in an IFC fraternity and going through intake with a NPHC organization. Does this happen often? Is it even allowed? A recently disaffiliated Sigma Nu brother (yes, traitor knight, as adequately stated earlier) now just came off probate with Phi Beta Sigma and it just blew my mind!
Does this happen often? No it does not. Is it allowed? Only if both fraternities allow it.

I am not familiar with NPHC policies, but as far as the NIC is concerned, an NIC fraternity may initiate a member from other inter/national fraternities (NPHC, IFC, NIC and others) only after the man terminates his membership and is granted a release from IHQ. Having said that, not all NIC (IFC) fraternities may choose to initiate terminated members of other fraternities.