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Originally posted by Ms.CrimsonCream:
Not if the organization you joined is governed by the IFC.

I am sure the members of that frat could tell you a DEFINITE, but I am sure that you can't.
I know someone FOR A FACT who was IFC, fully initiated, was a active member for a couple of years, dropped (deactivated) through his national, and was initiated by a NPHC fraternity.

Now, as I understand it, there was after a period of time, some racism going on in this particular IFC fraternity and their national did nothing about it. The NPHC he affiliated with understood his point of view and gave him a 'second chance' so to speak. This guy is a full member of his NPHC and has since graduated from college and become a more active member in his fraternity. Now I dont know if his national office or the offical people of his NPHC know his previous status but apparently his new brothers were his real brothers. Just an observation.
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