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first of all there is a lot of misinformation going around. If you are a member or interested in pledging an organization that is in the NPHC you can not be a member of another "social" org. Yes I realize that others particularly Delta is a "public service sorority", however, the service is in conjunction with the socialization. So you can belong to APO or GSS or a professional/honor/service only org. but you will be challenged if you belonged to a social org and try to pledge another. That is why RESEARCH is so important because once you are in you are in. And to Fred, if you are truly a Christian then whom shall you judge. Also being Christian is about respect for other people. Just because you didnot feel that you could praise God and be an Omega does not mean that you shoul disrespect what others do. Who are you? Are you God? Let them do what they do and if you believe than YOUR reward will be great. I have found that the best way to win souls is with respect not with disdain.

In God's name we need to learn to respect one another what ever the choice.
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