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Originally Posted by BabyPiNK_FL View Post
sweetie, why do you assume i meant people i know within my chapter? I'm talking about beign attached to the chapter more than the national to the point where if 10 years down the road the chapter is doing god-know-what then it's not a HUGE loss because I don't put my chapter before all because I'm not crazy obssessed alumna.

You obviously don't understand what I'm saying, because you are talking about a COMPLETELY different scenario then I am and it's the internet so no amount of typing that I can do can make you because you've taken my words and run...

But I can very clearly tell you that you aren't thinking the same scenario that I was trying to describe and leave it at that.
I think it's a sensitive subject for some who have been undergraduates (or recent grads) when their chapters were closed.
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