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Originally Posted by BabyPiNK_FL View Post
sweetie, why do you assume i meant people i know within my chapter? I'm talking about beign attached to the chapter more than the national to the point where if 10 years down the road the chapter is doing god-know-what then it's not a HUGE loss because I don't put my chapter before all because I'm not crazy obssessed alumna.

You obviously don't understand what I'm saying, because you are talking about a COMPLETELY different scenario then I am and it's the internet so no amount of typing that I can do can make you because you've taken my words and run...

But I can very clearly tell you that you aren't thinking the same scenario that I was trying to describe and leave it at that.

I understand what you're saying, although I can see where others would take it differently.

I feel somewhat the same, but I'd be pissed if the girls in my chapter did something to close my alum chapter. (like getting shut down for behavior or hazing or if they stopped caring about recruiting... not if it's something they can't help)

Being that I live so close to my alum chapter and still attend recruitment and some Greek Week events, I still kind of hold my chapter as more important. This used to totally be the case, until I attended regional leadership conferences and saw what Phi Mu was as a whole. Plus meeting Kathy Williams (past Natl President) gave me a whole new perspective of being a Phi Mu and made me see that the National level was just as important. Robin Fanning (current Natl President) has made me feel proud to be a member of my local chapter because not many sisters can say that their Natl Pres chartered their chapter and used to be their advisor. These two higher up Phi Mus give me different reasons to hold the local and National levels to similar importance.
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