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Originally Posted by BabyPiNK_FL View Post
I think you ladies misunderstood me. I meant that if in the furture my chapter wasn't there, it would be due to something internal, whatever would be going on as that is normally why chapters close. I didn't mean I wouldn't care at all, I only meant that if they HAD to close for whatever reason, it would most likely be bad and deserved. I'm not saying they are closing or are doing anything wrong now! DO NOT OVERREAD! LOL!
There's no overreading involved. You're just automatically assuming that if your chapter was closed (God forbid), that it would be because of something your chapter sisters did. You're assuming the worst of people who are supposed to be your best friends, which I find absolutely disgusting.

Chapters close for LOTS of reasons and not all of them are due to internal strife or policy violations. New policies regarding Greek life that harm chapters, housing issues, new colonies coming on campus...there are as many reasons as there are chapters. Please talk to some of those national presidents who are your BFFs, I'm sure they could fill you in.
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