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I didn't have much of a choice. My first semester in school, there was only one sorority on campus, and for the specific reason that I DIDNT have a choice - it was them, or nobody, I didn't join. Even though the girls in the chapter at that time were nice enough to me, I had other things going on in my life that it felt retarded to me to join the single sorority on campus for the sheer fact of "if you want to join a sorority, we're you're only option. Deal with it." No, they never actually said that - but me knowing that they were my only choice made me not want too join.

My second semester in school, Alpha Xi Delta colonized and I became a part of it. Did I join for the chapter? Nope, there was no chapter. At the time, I DID join for what it (the organization as a whole) could offer me, in the big scheme of things. However, once we got things off the ground and running, I become incredibly devoted to my chapter. On a national level, I went to my first convention as delegate a year after we installed. I began to meet sisters from the other state of GA chapters, due to regional officer training, and state day (which is our founders day celebration). I began to learn what Alpha Xi Delta was on a larger scale, but as an undergraduate, my devotion was to my chapter.

Since I am an older member, one of the alumnae associations has invited me to alot of their events they've held this year - I went to one last week. It sorta depresses me when I go to hang out with them, and realize I'm STILL older than half the women in the room! But - I have fun, and I enjoy meeting sisters who arent from my own chapter and having a good time with them. I'll always be devoted to MY chapter - but I'm finally beginning to experience the "big picture" part of it as well.
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