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I knew girls who completely dropped out of rush way early into the process after only being dropped from their #1 top choice, which seemed sad to me. Why not at least continue rush and give the other sororities a chance! I know SO many girls who came into rush with the idea in their head they HAD TO HAVE XYZ, and then when they went through rush and met all of the sororities, they totally fell in love with another sorority,got a bid from them on bid day and were absolutely happy with their choice, and that they allowed themselves to get to know all of the other orgs before choosing! It is so easy to say I want to be XYZ, because my best friend at _________ University is a XYZ!!! But every sorority at every school is different! You may find a sorority you fall in love with that you never expected! I hate that so many people in greek orgs have such sad bid day stories/ rush stories
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