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It's quiet on this page so my short story long shouldn't be a problem.
When researching Delta Zeta history for our recent Founders’Day, I noted that a year on this thread for Delta Zeta at Miami appears incorrect. I think it should be (1902-1906/1908).
Delta Zeta was a local at Miami University of Ohio from September 1902 to June 1906. Phi Tau had organized at Miami in spring 1903 and I think one of the organizers of that group was a transfer and an initiate of Tri-Delta at the University of Cincinnati. Phi Tau petitioned Tri-Delta for a charter but Tri-Delta did not feel there were enough women (in the local or at Miami?) for a viable chapter. The Phi Tau girls and the collegian Delta Zetas wanted to be in a national sorority (there were nine "nationals" at the time). At the end of classes in 1906 Delta Zeta collegians were released with the blessings of the founders to join with Phi Tau under the Phi Tau name. Delta Zeta ritual was burned. This larger Phi Tau again petitioned Tri-Delta and again Tri-Delta declined to come to Miami. By 1908 Delta Zeta’s original members, still close and still wanting to have their sisterhood become a national, had made connections at several universities. In the October 1908 issue of the Miami Student, the return of Delta Zeta was announced. In 1911 Delta Delta Delta granted a charter to Phi Tau at Miami University, Ohio.
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