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Bumping for new stories!

And I’ll add a short but weird one ...
My suite mate and I were at the same house for a party. (I had a rec from my aunt and several of the members had her as their high school drama teacher.) We were lead to a 4-seat table to talk. Two other members came over, then all 4 members turned toward Patti and no one was talking to me! (Patti was a highly desirable rushee - beautiful, smart, on the women’s golf team.) Patti tried to get me into the conversation, but the members continued the “hot boxing” and ignored me. After the party was over, we walked out together. I made some comment that I probably wouldn’t be getting an invite back. Patti said that even if she got an invite, she was going to turn it down because they were rude to me. (Back in the day when you got actual paper invites and could regret any extras above max # of parties for the next day.) She did turn down the invitation and ended up being my pledge sister in Chi O!
(After college, she was the ER nurse at the hospital where my brother was taken after a horrible work accident and helped save my brother’s life!)
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