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Originally Posted by NUalumMUmom View Post
This story is from my daughter when she went through recruitment in Fall, 2014. That summer, I had decided to eliminate animal proteins from my diet, for health reasons and to see if I could do it. In the family, we call it my Vegan Summer. That fall, during sisterhood round, my daughters was being rushed by an active that mentioned she was vegetarian. My daughter said, that's awesome, my mom is vegan. The girl looked puzzled and asked how that works at our house. DD told her that it was okay, that even though I was vegan, I did cook meat for the rest of the family. The girl looks at her and says "But do you, like, have two Moms?" My daughter looked at her strangely, then the bell rings for her to leave, as she is leaving she realized the girl had confused "vegan" with "lesbian" She was laughing so hard she could barely pull it together for the next social. She was cut after that round. This house takes mostly St Louis girls, and she was from OOS, so she doesn't know if the lesbian thing had anything to do with it. As a women and gender studies minor, she didn't really want to join a chapter that would cut her because her mom was a lesbian, or that had sisters that didn't know the difference between vegan and lesbian!

I only lasted one summer as a vegan, I missed the cheese too much!
Was the room loud? However, 'vegan' and 'lesbian' don't sound remotely similar. LOL Did she eventually find her home?

I'm a vegetarian and could never be vegan. Cheese and I have a special relationship.
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