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There are so many variables here that an answer isn't possible. It sounds like you've thought of all the different possibilities. Here are a few pieces of information and other things to consider:

1. Each sorority's affiliation process is different -- some take a chapter vote, some may automatically affiliate you, some may have a chapter specific tradition of not affilitating transfers, etc. For those who take a vote, they may want to get to know you before they vote -- like for a few weeks or a semester. If you rush now, DON'T ask each chapter about their affiliation process -- it would be a major deterrent to let chapters know you may be leaving right after you join.

2. I transferred and affiliated, and I made arrangements to live in the house when I transferred, but I don't think that's typical. The houses at the transfer school would probably already be filled with current members before you arrive. But you may have to move in the following year.

3. Are juniors successful in rushing at your potential transfer school, or is advanced class standing a strong disadvantage?

4. If there's a chance you may stay, I'd rush now. If you receive a bid and you definitely know you're transferring, then you can explore affiliation processes for your specific group if they have a chapter at the new school, or perhaps drop before initiation if they don't. Or, initiate and become an alumna member when you transfer.
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