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May I offer this? Some NPC sororities require that the affiliating chapter vote on a transferring member. Others do not. In other words, it isn't true for all 26 NPC member sororities that you will automatically be affiliated, nor will you have to undergo a second membership vote to be affiliated (as it was).

With that knowledge, and assuming that you have (a) joined a sorority at your current university and (b) decided to transfer to another university where there is a chapter of your not yet joined sorority, please consider your interest to affiliate very carefully. You may have nothing in common with the members at your new campus. Despite what national headquarters may profess or claim or espouse, we are not all alike. There's quite a difference in chapter members within the same city (for example, in large metro areas such as Los Angeles where there are multiple colleges/universities with Greek systems). You may discover, after you've affiliated, that you are not happy or do not fit in well with the active members. And you will have the responsibilities of paying dues, fees,attending mandatory meetings, etc., for the duration of your college years. That's not a good scenario.

I have seen it work both ways. Affiliated members have fit in and been successfully integrated into a chapter. Others have not. Still others have experienced financial hardship resulting in resignation altogether, which is a shame.

As to the rest of your post, there are way too many hypothetical "what if" questions to which there are no definitive answers. So, let me suggest that you focus primarily on your major and your education in selecting a university to pursue your degree. Let the rest fall into place. I couldn't begin to answer the rest of your questions without knowing specific details and I don't have any desire or interest to know so much personal information about a stranger!

Good luck to you.
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