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Originally Posted by DWAlphaGam View Post
One way my chapter tried to avoid awkwardness during preference was to set up small groups during preference so that you could talk one-on-one with the pmn you were preferencing, but you were near enough to another sister and her pmn to be able to draw them into the conversation if you needed to. This works even better if you know that the pmn has a friend in her preference group; you can make sure they're next to each other and try to seal the deal with both of them. This is especially helpful if you or your pmn might be quiet and feel uncomfortable talking one-on-one.
Adding to this, one of the things my Pref rusher said was to look around to the other PNMs at the Pref Party, as they could become my sisters.

I always thought that, even when you suspect the PNM is leaning another way, it doesn't hurt to have friends in other houses. Unless they're seriously rude, I'd treat them just like any other PNM at Pref.
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