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Actually "recruiting" people would be fabulous if there were no huge houses to fill...but this guy has obviously never seen a (for example) water bill for a housing facility that holds 50 people. If we ever get to the point where students are outright refusing to live in communal Greek housing, maybe this will work.

But even without the housing factor, completely jettisoning formal rush is a terrible idea for many reasons:

-Not everyone is comfortable just showing up at a dinner or social event with a bunch of people they don't know. Rushing is a lot easier when you're not the only one doing it.
-A true "recruitment only" system would put pressure on chapters even more than there is now to get the "best on paper" rushees. The human connection element would decrease until GLOs were just another club for your resume.
-Formal rush forces rushees to look at all the groups instead of just the largest and most popular ones. I know it's different for boys and girls, but a nonstructured rush with 1st semester freshmen eligible for bids was a hot mess on my campus. The girls who didn't get the bid they wanted didn't say "well, I'll try somewhere else because the girls I met at XYZ were nice too." They were more likely to say "forget Greek life."

Finally the alcohol angle is stupid. I'm old enough to remember wet fraternity rush and I'm honestly surprised they got anything done. Half the brothers spent the time talking to girls, and many of the "rushees" were only there for the free beer and food.
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