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"strong" vs "weak" chapters

You're absolutely right about that -- it should NEVER be that "strong" house ends up with that many girls on preference. The way it works with our Panhell (and I think this is, or should, be pretty standard) is that your invite number is based on the precentage of rushees who have returned for the last three years. I.E. if quota is 20, and you have had an 80% return rate for the past 3 years, you would get to invite back 44 (so hopefully you will have 2 parties of 20 rushees each).
This is such a difficult issue, and I really see it playing out on our small campus. When you only have 5 houses, it is pretty easy for rushees to figure out who the "top"houses are. We have lost 1 chapter in the last five years, and another is really struggling...but of course if that one goes, then someone else has to be on the bottom, and I feel like our greek system is slowly being chipped away. While we have been lucky to be one of the strong houses on campus, as I look at this now from the prospective of an advisor, it makes me really sad to see that this happen because one house's struggle (or loosing a chapter) makes us ALL weaker. To be the last house standing is NOT the goal. And I also get a chance to work with the other advisors and know that every house on our campus has something to offer. However, I also know that this is easy to say when I was lucky enough to pledge the house of my would have been hard to join a chapter that you weren't sure was going to be around in a year or two. Ugh! No good solutions.
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