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This year at UCLA there was a PNM coming through who told her PX that she wasn't going to the rest of her parties after lunch on the second round b/c she was a legacy to XYZ chapter and they had to give her a bid b/c they hadn't made quota in the past couple of years. She asked the PX for an excuse and when the PX said no, the PNM called her a *itch. Little did the PNM know that the PX was an XYZ. Anyway, the PNM went to her other PX and explained the situation to her and the PX said, "Sure, I'll write you an excuse." The PX wrote excuse forms to the chapters that said, "PNM _____ isn't going to be at your party b/c she says her parties after lunch are not worth going to." Needless to say, the chapters got the hint that the PNM was not someone they wanted to keep around.

Anyway, the XYZ's didn't really like this PNM and then they heard about what she had said/done and called their International officers and got permission to release her. I don't think she got a bid from anyone.
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