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Originally Posted by PNMLSU View Post
Curious if it is appropriate to list cousins on my resume that are current/alumni fraternity/sorority members as I don't have aunts/uncles that are former members?

Any suggestions to make my resume stand out?
I would list any close relatives who are members of a fraternity or sorority. My cousin listed me (she joined DG). It shows that your family supports Greek life.

Google "Houston alumnae Panhellenic". They have a good recruitment resume sample on their website.

For recommendations that I write, I ask the PNM to list a few fun facts about themselves at the end of the resume. It creates talking points in recruitment and might help with matching you to a current member who has a similar interest or background. Try for things non-school related that aren't already listed on your resume. For example, my fun facts would be:
1) distantly related to Elvis. 2) tested for Mensa when I was in junior high school. 3) maternal grandparents lived 2 houses down from (gangster) Pretty Boy Floyd's safe house in Tulsa (safe to say, they never asked to borrow a cup a sugar). Last year, I saw a fun fact on a resume that said "went to mermaid school and I am a certified mermaid". She was matched at a sorority to a member who also had a love of mermaids!
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