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Day 4: Philanthropy Day

Today I woke up excited to start the day! I had philanthropy day parties with two of my favorite sororities from the previous round, Mad Men and Hell's Kitchen.

Mad Men - This was my absolute favorite sorority from Ice Water Teas, and I was so excited to go back! I love their philanthropy. I have a very personal connection to it. However, I was a little bit disappointed because the girl I talked to did not seem as passionate about their philanthropy as the girls I met in other houses. The conversation was a little awkward, and she seemed disinterested. I still liked this sorority though because I know one girl does not represent the whole house!

Modern Family - I enjoyed this house; I got to talk to quite a few girls. At first I wasn't very interested in their philanthropy, but after there presentation, I really wanted to be apart of it.

Hell's Kitchen - I liked this house as well. I had three really great, smooth conversations with some of the girls. I felt like I was talking to old friends. I liked that their presentation was brief, and instead they had the girls tell you about their personal experiences with the philanthropy.

Voting: Voting was really easy for me tonight. We had to rank our top 8 sororities in no particular order. Since I only had six, I had no trouble ranking at all! If I had to rank them in order though, this is what it would have looked like:

1. Millionaire Matchmaker
2. Hell's Kitchen
3. The Bachelor
4. Modern Family
5. Mad Men
6. Law and Order
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