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Day 3: Philanthropy Day (morning)

I woke up this morning, and began to get ready, keeping my phone attached to me. I was waiting for the phone call from my Rho Chi telling me that I had been dropped from recruitment. Suddenly my phone bleeped, making me jump halfway across the room. The screen displayed the words "1 NEW MESSAGE FROM RHO CHI." I was so nervous to open it... When I did, a wave of both relief and dread came over me. It said, "We haven't received the schedules yet! Parties will be pushed back an hour! Still be waiting for a call! xoxo Rho Chi." So I wasn't released yet, but I still could be.

I was happy when I arrived at sorority row at the recently adjusted time, and had not yet gotten a phone call! However, my happiness soon disappeared when the Rho Chis informed us that they had still not gotten the schedules and the parties were now postponed for another 2 hours. I headed back to my dorm, anxiously awaiting the phone call.

2 hours later I had still not received a phone call, so I began to head back to sorority row once again. However, after two minutes of walking, it started pouring. I dashed back to my dorm as quickly as I could, where I got a text from my Rho Chi saying "hey ladies! because of lightning we have to push back the parties another 3 hours. but all the calls have been made! see you soon." I was so excited to still be in recruitment, and I was eager to see my schedule! The wait might just kill me.
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