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Originally Posted by thetalady View Post
I have decided that all of these newbies who come on & start their posts with "So..." followed by a completely ridiculous question are the same troll. Notice how many of them do that?
I am asking a legitimate question. I know the people on here have said why not just join the fraternity that you like and one that likes you back...but honestly, everyone wants to be in a good respected fraternity. That means top houses are more desirable even if the initial connection isn't all that great. It's natural, just like people want to rub shoulders with celebrities, rushees want to be associated with top houses.

Obviously a fraternity's social status isn't everything. But it does make a difference, say for example if their personalities seem just "ok" but I got a bid for the top houses, I would probably pick that over a fraternity with "great" personality but gives out bids to everyone.

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